Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change Action Day

I am delighted to share with thousand of others around the worl din blogging for climate change.

In South Somerset we are working to a corporate plan of zero carbon by 2020 - we may fail, but we are going to have a damn good try!

ZeroSom is our initiative, backed up by several active Transition Groups, a strong clinate change agenda driven by the Community, and a lot of individuals who are passionate.

Keith Wheaton Green
Joe Burlington
Cara Naden
Rob and Becky Cotterill
Vega Sturgess
Andrew Turpin
Kate Vanonvitch
Tim Rook

and so many others.

We are showing Age of Stupid in South Petherton  next Thursday, and have a 350 event planned with our MEP Graham Watson on the 24th.

visit breathe at

visit our South Somerset District Council's climate change agenda at